Name This Place 11.2.1

After yesterday’s two contest posts, of the Old Country Store at Lorman and the Union Hotel in Meridian, we have the following standings: Victoria Moon Conway: 3 Jack Elliott: 2 Suzassippi: 1 Tom Barnes: 1 Still plenty of game to… Read More ›

Friday Puzzler

It’s been a while since we did a puzzle, and this Friday just seemed like a good time. If you missed the first one, it will be a good warm-up for you–it’s easier than today’s selection, which is the Medgar… Read More ›

How Many Can You Identify?

Before skyscrapers like Vicksburg’s First National Bank and before airplanes, I guess the tallest vantage point to take a picture in Vicksburg was from the Post Office, as seen in the postcard view below. Here’s a little mid-summer pop quiz. First,… Read More ›

Name This Place 10.5

It’s the last day of our latest Name This Place! Yesterday, we had the iconic Illinois Monument in the Vicksburg Military Park (1906, William Le Baron Jenney as the architect – although I think if anyone had ventured to the… Read More ›

Name This Place 10.4

Yesterday was an interior shot of Hawkins Junior High in Hattiesburg.  1951, N.W. Overstreet & Associates as the Principal Architect.  The atrium space has a very cool Mushroom Capital column and is a good use of Terrazzo in the floor… Read More ›

Name This Place 10.3

Well, I didn’t fool anyone again yesterday. Yesterday was the Chapel of Memories at Mississippi State.  1966, Dean & Pursell and featuring Flemish Bond in the alter details. ThomFred thought it was a softball and quickly IDed the building.  CRPIII… Read More ›

Name This Place 10.2

I pitched a hanging curve yesterday that was knocked out of the park by you savvy MissPresers. Yesterday was the Citizen’s National Bank building in Meridian. 1968, Richard B. Clopton and featuring a Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell design with it’s roof. … Read More ›

A Little Contest

A while back at Preservation In Pink Kaitlin had a little quiz to identify a specific material, which turned out to be plaster scored to give the appearance of ceramic tile.  I thought that it would be fun to have… Read More ›