Abandoned Mississippi

An occasional series highlighting the abandoned but historic places in the state, especially those still able to be repaired and saved.

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  1. This site is wonderful. My great Uncle was Governor Paul Johnson and I have fond memories of driving I55 from Memphis to the Gulf coast every year with stops in Red Banks and Hattiesburg. By preserving these sites for people to see years later you are true historians.


  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment–I hope you’ll stick around to check out our daily posts on various interesting pieces of Mississippi architecture and history!


  3. I love abandoned places! They are the best locations to take pictures at! Would anyone know of an abandoned fairground or park around Mississippi?


  4. I am interested in the Penny Pepper house. Can you give me an update?


  5. Hi I was looking for abandoned buildings that are right on the Delta..


  6. There is an abandoned church on Goodman Road on Walls, MS near Lake Forest. Any history on this place?


  7. Are there updating this informations? It seem no-one keep update this blog since 2016! Where can I find the lists of abandoned buildings and the address?


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