Why? Because It’s Saturday!

Put Porterfield back together again, and you don’t even have to clear off the dining room table to do it!

Online jigsaw puzzles from JigsawSite.com

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  1. Harder than I would have thought! Time 5:21.


  2. I am sure I have better things to do but I really want to “Restore” Porterfield in under 30 seconds. 47 is my best.


  3. Preach it, Suzassippi! :-)


  4. Ok, I admit I haven’t been able to get under one minute. You are The Man, TR, even if you are a Bragging Man.


  5. 1:46 . . . on a Monday morning before I’ve had any caffeine . . . will likely try again later to see if I can top TR’s time!


  6. This was really fun! 2:46



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