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  1. I don’t know if I missed it somewhere or not, but can you please identify the building that is in the header? thanks!


  2. Oh, right–forgot to do that! It’s Bailey Junior High School right here in Jackson. Built 1936-37 as a PWA project and designed by Jackson’s very own Overstreet & Town.

    Flickr has more pictures of it at


  3. I linked this site on Resources on Preservation in Pink. Hope you don’t mind!


  4. Of course not–I’m honored–thanks!


  5. Any chance you’ll be visiting Woodville? I lived there for a number of years. They have a Main Street program which has been fairly successful. Would love to know your thoughts. Tom


  6. There’s definitely a chance–I’m here and there and everywhere. Haven’t been there in a while, so should probably get down there. I had no idea you had ties there!


  7. Tell us Malvaney, what does the 2011 budget mean for preservation in Mississippi?


  8. Subject: Preservation funding information needed
    Message: Greetings one and all of Preservation in Mississippi, We at Poplar Hill School aka Poplar Hill Museum of African American Culture are a 501c3 tax exempt property, we are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, we are listed on the 101 Places in Mississippi…, we are a Mississippi Landmark property as of Jun 2013. We have tried to raise money in the poorest county of MS (Jefferson County) for the past 4 years without much success. At this time we are attempting to apply for the MDAH grant which requires 20% upfront $$$’s of what we request. Can anyone out there give us some guidance regarding how we can receive a grant without cash in the bank? In addition we have had lots of in-kind donation of blueprints, historic research, landmark research, accounting assistance, however we have found no grants that will look at that as assets or considerations for funding. Whatever information that anyone can provide please send advice and suggestions. Many thanks…..


  9. Projected cost of repairs, restoration, HVAC, according to the contractors we have contacted is in the range of $150,000. However, we are willing to do this project in segments.


    • I was driving through Jefferson County yesterday and swung by Poplar Hill. I think you are in good shape to do the project in segments, given that the building is not in imminent danger and is simply in need of repairs and updating. Start your list of priorities with the roof or the foundation, whichever you think needs it the most, then other needs below that. If the roof will cost $10,000, the you only need to raise $2,000 and that’s doable. I believe the MDAH grant does allow for in-kind matches, although I’m not sure the whole 20% can be in-kind. Perhaps part of the in-kind match is a discount from your contractor? Say he donates $1,000 of that, then you only have $1,000 to raise.

      One problem, too, I’ve noticed with these grants is that when contractors know you’re applying for a grant, the price somehow goes up. For instance, I’m renovating a house here in Jackson that’s 1700 square feet, 1930s Tudor but the brick had all been removed, needs new brick, termite damage repair, new roof, new electrical, new plumbing, new HVAC, new kitchen, baths, floors refinish, etc. And still isn’t going to cost me $150,000! That seems high for your building, which is actually in better shape than that house. For instance, my roof, which is much more complex than the school’s and has serious flashing issues, is “only” costing $9,000, and that includes a separate garage, so yours should be less than that–I would expect in the $4,000 range.

      Also, you might reconsider doing a full HVAC system for such a small building. Maybe ceiling fans and those movable coolers/heaters would serve your needs for less money, less maintenance, and with less intrusion into the building than a full HVAC system?

      Is there a large business in Fayette or Natchez or Port Gibson that would be interested in being a sponsor?


  10. My message said “copyright-free”. I meant to inquitr about a ROYALTY-free photo of the Beverly Drive in.


  11. I am looking for help in preventing the demolition of a 1835 Greek Revival in Columbus, MS. W.White wrote about the house in the Inaugural Pilgrimage article. Does anyone have any resources to help?


  12. I need a number I can call please


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