Name This Place 10.0: Architectural Word of the Week Edition

It’s been a little while since we’ve done our little online gameshow Name This Place. Last time, Thomas took home the honor of *Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire* with his knowledge of doors. At the end of the week, we’ll know who takes the title in this edition.

Once again, I’m putting on my hosting attire for the game – but as it’s the Architectural Word of the Week Edition, I have a “behind the scenes co-host” in Thomas Rosell who helped with the selections.
The Rules

  1. There will be at least one post per day – at NOON. If there is an additional post, it will be at 3 pm
  2. The first person to ID the building and its location gets 2 points.
  3. The first person to name the architect gets 1 point–there won’t always be a known architect, so this is not a guaranteed point.
  4. The first person to give the date of the building gets 1 point.
  5. YES – if you ID the building, location, architect and date in the first post, you get all 4 points!
  6. New Way To Get a Point this NTP: Identify any Architectural Words of the Week that are featured in the image. The number of terms will vary. JRGordon (with Booth Review assistance from Thomas Rosell) will make the decision on any “borderline” IDs made. No whining allowed.
  7. Go ahead and share any additional tidbits you have about the buildings, but do NOT expect bonus points.
  8. If we manage to stump you all on a building for 24 hours after it posts, the co-hosts will jointly share the points.


Say that we posted this image:

You would post a comment that said:

Eudora Welty House, Jackson. 1925, Wyatt C. Hedrick or N.W. Overstreet. Jerkinhead gable (my personal favorite term)

And just like that, you’d score 5 points. I didn’t do it here because it’s only 1 term, but for the others you will have to describe where you see the term (so I know you’re not just tossing it out there to see if it sticks!)

Easy enough in concept – but I can promise that most of the images will NOT be full facade shots.

You have a couple of hours to brush up on your terms and get ready to show off your skills. See you back here at noon for our first image!

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