A Little Contest

A while back at Preservation In Pink Kaitlin had a little quiz to identify a specific material, which turned out to be plaster scored to give the appearance of ceramic tile.  I thought that it would be fun to have a little materials contest of our own here on MissPres.

Several weeks back I stopped to take the photos below of a building in Gulfport before it was swallowed up into beige blandness.

So the quiz question is MissPresers:  What is the red material that makes up the building?

If you have a question feel free to ask!  Depending on how soon we get a correct answer, or enough guesses, I’ll post with the answer later today or tomorrow.

*Update: Write down what you think the answer is then see if you are right by clicking here!*

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  1. It looks like a concrete block, with some type of red stain. I have seen them traditionally used more as pavers. It does not have the same texture as a brick.


  2. I agree, it must be a dyed red concrete “brick”.


  3. I’d have to agree. Dryvit and other materials wouldn’t require mortar, so my guess would be the same.


  4. I would actually say rough hewn brick


  5. Concrete masonry unit. Being on the coast, could it be a variation on a tabby type of concrete? I’ve seen chimneys built out of tabby “brick” before…


    • I didn’t see any shell aggregate in the brick, so I don’t think it contains any tabby. Ive always been surprised at how few tabby buildings are on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The only reason I can think that tabby was never popular is because lumber has always been so much cheaper.



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