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Preservation in Mississippi is proud to have received permission to reprint the 2-year run of Mississippi Architect, from March 1963 through March 1965. Through the wonders of modern technology, these are being scanned and made available in pdf format in their entirety here. In addition, the Mississippi-related articles are being reprinted in serialized form in posts on MissPres to draw attention specifically to these Mississippi subjects.

Index to Mississippi Architect, March 1963-March 1965:

March 1963:

  • Architecture is your business / Bob Henry
  • First Federal Savings and Loan Association, Jackson, [R.W. Naef and Assoc., M.T. Reed Construction Co.]
  • “160 ton acoustical chamber tests sound control products” (Wood Conversion Co, Roseville, MN)
  • “Automobile club building in Los Angeles’ Century City to feature precast concrete, clear-span construction”
  • “New York’s Lobby Garden” (Equitable Life Insurance Company Building)
  • “Facilities for flight to moon”
  • “Philadelphia Apartment Hotel (Park City West)
  • “Metal lath and plaster canopy is attractive car parking shade”

April 1963:

  • Competence / Bob Henry
  • Hinton Hall, Perkinston Junior College science building, [William R. Allen Jr., Lloyd K. Grace, Willis T. Guild Jr., Associated Architects]
  • “Sheridan Park Research Community” (Ontario, Canada)
  • “Computer Solves Truss Design Problems”
  • “Nuclear Power Plant” (San Clemente, CA)
  • “Marina 77” (Marina del Rey, CA)
  • “Catskill Plant for Alpha Cement” (Catskill, NY)

May 1963:

  • John Doe, A.I.A. / Bob Henry
  • Lafayette County Jail, Oxford, [Brewer, Skewes and Godbold, A.B. Cullen and Son, Powell Brothers, Warren Electrical Co.]
  • Tom Biggs advanced to rank of Fellow
  • Park Avenue’s New Face (New York City)
  • Fluid-Applied Roofing–For the Fluid Look in Design
  • Gateway Center (Chicago) [Skidmore, Owings & Merrill]
  • Marine Park (San Diego) [Victor Gruen Associates]
  • The Dazzling Dandelion of Beverly Hills [Harry Bertoia]
  • Stainless Steel Mullions

June 1963:

  • Blowing a horn is hot work” / Mrs. L.A. Ogletree, Harry Haas
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sam Reid residence (Jackson) [Jay T. Liddle]
  • Street Furniture (New York City)
  • St. Bonaventure Catholic High School (Ventura, CA) [Albert C. Martin and Associates]
  • New Architecture, U.S.A.
  • Western Airlines Corporate Headquarters and Maintenance Base (Los Angeles) [Quinton Engineers]
  • Nine-story, Mutual Savings Building to be erected in Pasadena, California  [Welton Becket and Associates]
  • Excavation Lessened on Rolling Kentucky Site

July 1963:

  • The challenge/ Bob Henry
  • Architect’s office, North State Street (Jackson) [Joseph Russell Perkins]
  • Miles Laboratories (Elkhart, IN)
  • U.S. Plywood Moves to 777 Third Street (New York, NY) [William Lescaze]
  • New Jersey Synagogue (Springfield, NJ) [Percival Goodman & J. Stanley Goldstein]
  • Humble Oil Building (Houston, TX) [Welton Becket & Associates]
  • Distribution Center for Max Factor (Des Plaines, IL) [

August 1963:

  • That ugly word– beauty / Bob Henry
  • West End Elementary School (Meridian) [Robert B. Clopton]
  • What is Quality in Architecture?/ Robert Anshen
  • Phoenix High Rise Project (Phoenix, AZ) [Victor Gruen Associates]
  • Corpus Cristi Parish Church (Los Angeles, CA) [Albert C. Martin Associates]
  • Times Tower (New York, NY) [Vorhees Walker Smith Smith & Haines]
  • “Floating” Aluminum Building Wins 1963 R.S. Reynolds Memorial Award (Hanover, Germany) [Hans Maurer]
  • Wolf Point (Chicago, IL) [PACE Associates]
  • Hartford National Bank (Hartford, CT) [Welton Becket & Associates/Jeter & Cook]

September 1963:

  • Engineers and architecture / Bob Henry
  • Calvary Baptist Church (Meridian) [Dean and Pursell, Glascock Inc.]
  • Le Corbusier’s First U.S. Building (Carpenter Center, Harvard University)
  • King of Prussia Plaza (Philadelphia, PA) [Leonard Evantash and Stanley M. Friedman]
  • PREVIEW: The U.S.A. at the World’s Fair!
  • Marble Ark is Focal Point of New Detroit Synagogue [Albert Kahn Associates Architects and Percival Goodman, Associate Architect]
  • Texas Hotel and Office Building Set Pace for Advanced Concept Private Urban Redevelopment Project (Houston, TX) [Welton Becket and Associates]
  • Brandeis School (Lawrence, NY) [Arthur Silver]

October 1963:

  • Choose with care / Bob Henry
  • Lyle Cashion Company office building (Jackson) [Jones & Haas, Ken Bottorf, Clyde Maxwell, Briggs & Lambeth]
  • Architecture’s Scope and Purpose (speech by Eero Saarinen at Dickinson College)
  • General Electric “Progressland” [1964 World’s Fair, Welton Becket & Assoc.]
  • Schokbeton: A New Version of Concrete
  • Sterile Room is Feature of Philadelphia Plant
  • Popular Dining Spot Has Mountain Location (Maxfield Lodge, Utah) [Lamoine & Nicholatis, Salt Lake City]
  • Circular Building Designed for Union Federal (Los Alimitos, CA) [Burke, Kober & Nicolais, Los Angeles, CA]

November 1963:

  • We build with confidence / Bob Henry
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred LaRue residence (Jackson) [Biggs, Weir and Chandler]
  • Cast Concrete Transformed into Modules of Design for Building Ornamentation
  • City Squire Motor Inn (New York City)
  • Cafeteria for Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne, IL) [Welton Becket & Associates]
  • Lighting Heats Building (Kansas Power & Light Co., Topeka, KS)
  • Aerospace Electromagnetic Laboratory (Saugus, CA) [Albert C. Martin & Associates]
  • Twin Buildings Separated by 455 Miles (Del Webb Building, Phoenix, AZ; First National Bank, Albuquerque, NM)
  • 47-Year-Old Warehouse Goes to College (adaptive re-use at Drexel Institute of Technology, Philadelphia, PA)

December 1963:

  • When the architect, client swap places / Harry Haas
  • Neshoba Co. General Hospital (Philadelphia, MS) [Charles G. Mitchell, Perry Construction Co.]
  • Chicago Expands Beyond Loop
  • Music Hall for World’s Fair (New York World’s Fair)
  • After 120 Years: Old Building in French Quarter Becomes Sparkling New Motel
  • Ceiling System Integrates Major Functions
  • Lockheed Breaks Ground for $2 Million Quality Assurance Laboratory Building (Burbank, CA) [The Austin Company, archts.]
  • Marble Adds Dramatic Beauty to New California Bank (Wells Fargo Bank-American Trust, San Francisco, CA) [Ashley, Keyser & Runge]
  • Construction Abroad (featuring projects in Calcutta, Aichi Japan, Rotterdam, and Rwanda)

January 1964:

  • Computer-designed architecture? / Harry Haas
  • Hattiesburg Clinic [Stephen H. Blair Jr.]
  • California Plans Its Own World’s Fair (Long Beach, CA) [Charles Luckman Associates]
  • Construction Men’s Foreign Legion
  • Luxurious Howard Johnson Open on South Freeway in Atlanta [Ernest O. Mastin & Associates]
  • Landmark Tower (Las Vegas, NV)

February 1964:

  • Point of view / Harry Haas
  • Gulf Towers Apartment Building (Biloxi) [Barlow & Plunkett, Howie Construction Co.]
  • 100 Biscayne (Miami, FL) [Rader & Associates]
  • Automobile Club Opens New Hollywood Offices [Hunter & Benedict, archts.]
  • West Park Hospital (Philadelphia, PA) [Anthony F. Orefice, archt.]
  • Aloha at the Fair (Hawaii exhibit at World’s Fair)
  • Facelifting at Suburban Store
  • Florence Nightingale Nursing Home (New York City) [William M. Breger, Pratt Institute]
  • Split-Level Engineering Laboratory (Los Angeles, CA) [Albert C. Martin & Associates]

March 1964:

April 1964:

  • Place, time, architecture/ Edward F. Neal 
  • Howard Memorial General Hospital (Biloxi) [Landry & Matthes]
  • Outer Drive East Apartments (Chicago) [Hirshfeld, Pawlan & Reinheimer]
  • Protection Roof Slopes of World’s Fair Pavilions [Lev Zetlin & Associates, Kahn & Jacobs]
  • Dynamic Clear Span /John F. Torti
  • John A. Hartford Research Center Hyperbaric Oxygen (Chicago) [Burnham & Hammond]
  • Transparent Dome Enclosing Hotel Pool Converts to Arch (International Inn, Washington, DC) [Morris Lapidus, Liebman & Associates]
  • New Ideas in Building Stone

May 1964:

  • The language barrier / Edward Neal
  • Gulde Methodist Church (Rankin Co.) [Clemmer & Clark, R.D. Moon]
  • Mandatory Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Watergate Complex Has “Living Shape” (Washington, DC) [Luigi Moretti]
  • The Four-Seasons Apartment (Dallas, TX)
  • First State Bank (Clear Lake City, TX) [Welton Becket & Associates]
  • United California Bank Solve Noise Problem (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • Individuality Reflected in New Massachusetts School (Wayland, MA) [Architects Collaborative]
  • Quartz Heat Lamps Extend Racing Seasons (Cicero, IL)
  • Tudor Architecture Distinguishes Savings and Loan Building (Westminster, CA) [Burke, Kober & Nicolais]

June 1964:

July 1964:

  • Amory Middle School [Biggs, Weir, Chandler, Neal and Chastain, E.W. Riley Construction Co.]
  • Air Force Academy Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO [Skimore, Owings & Merrill]
  • Railroad Station Complements Fair Design and Decor (Long Island Railroad, New York World’s Fair)
  • The National Design Center (Marina City, Chicago)
  • Triangle Broadcast Center, Philadelpia, PA [Vincent G. Kling]
  • First National Bank (San Diego, CA)

August 1964:

September 1964:

October 1964:

November 1964:

Dec. 1964:

  • With faith we build / Bob Henry
  • Architects’ office, Jackson, Cooke-Douglass-Farr
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist, West Covina, CA [Hunter & Benedict]
  • WindowlessBuildings
  • City Apartments Given Suburban Space and Grace 9Park Towne Garden Apartments, St. Louis, MO)
  • Merritt Island Launch Pad
  • Freemont County Court House, Canon City, CO [Nixon & Jones]
  • Schoolhouse of Tomorrow (Donald L. Rheem School, Moraga, CA)

February 1965:

  • River Hills Country Club, Jackson, T.N. Touchstone Jr. & Associates, Fran Builders

March 1965:

  • Sameness / Bob Henry
  • Whitten Junior High School, Jackson, R.W. Naef & Associates.

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