Name This Place XI: Signs

It’s been so long since our last Name This Place contest that I’ve had to re-read some of the earlier contests to remind myself of how it works. For those of you who are new around these parts, Name This Places contests are a week-long festival for eagle-eyed Mississippi preservationists, where the person who correctly identifies the most buildings wins the right to be called “Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire” until the next contest. The last three contests have been a bit harder than earlier ones, as they have included detail shots of buildings rather than full buildings to identify. Y’all have become such scholars of Mississippi architecture, we’re finding it harder and harder to come up with challenging contests!

This week’s contest is made for those MissPresers who may not have a perfect memory for columns and friezes but who can recall where and when they saw a particular sign. The sign may be physically attached to the building or placed in the yard nearby. The first person to identify the Mississippi place the sign belongs to gets two points and others have a chance to grab one point each with extra information.

Remember that the MDAH Historic Resources Database can be your friend in this contest.

Here are THE RULES:

  1. There will be from one (1) to three (3) posts a day. They will be posted on the hour no earlier than 7 AM and no later than 7 PM. If you’d like to make sure you know about them without having to check back, make sure to subscribe to get the posts e-mailed to you (see right sidebar) when they post.
  2. The first person to ID the building/place and its location gets 2 points.
  3. The first person to name the architect gets 1 point–there won’t always be a known architect, so this is not a guaranteed point.
  4. The first person to give the date of the building gets 1 point (as above, there won’t always be a particular building, so not guaranteed).
  5. One more bonus point for information about the sign itself–when it was erected, why, manufacturer, etc. Only one bonus point per person for this extra information, but you can grab the opportunity for others to get extra points by telling all you know.
  6. So, if you ID the building, location, architect and date, and signage information in the first post, you get all 5 points!
  7. If I manage to stump you all for 24 hours after a sign posts, I get four points.

On your marks, get set . . . the first post will be up sometime later today!

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