Friday Puzzler

It’s been a while since we did a puzzle, and this Friday just seemed like a good time. If you missed the first one, it will be a good warm-up for you–it’s easier than today’s selection, which is the Medgar Evers House in Jackson. But if you think this one is too hard, note that only considers this Tricky, which is not as hard as “Challenging” or “Insane.” And even the “Insane” puzzles aren’t as hard as The Rosetta Stone puzzle, the only puzzle I’ve ever given up on. Much to my chagrin, as she is always quick to point out, my mother finally solved the Rosetta Stone after long patient effort.

On my first try, this puzzle took me 5 minutes and 52 seconds to put together.

Online jigsaw puzzles from

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  1. I beat you by a few seconds. It took me a second to figure out the edges blend together once the pieces fit. I blame the technology. My time would have been much faster if it would just let me put the pieces where I thought they should go.


  2. Someone solved it in 3:22, but it was not me. It took me 4:07.


  3. What fun! Move over Bejeweled and Sudoko, I’m hooked!


  4. Hooked!


  5. I am the slow learner, at 9:26. I was expecting the puzzle to be larger, but once I figured out how small it really was, it went pretty fast. Thanks for doing this again–I had forgotten how much fun it was. This should be a regular Friday feature!


  6. It took me 9:15. This was my first time, and I’m also listening to a sewing show at the same time (that’s the excuse I’m using).


  7. I didn’t realize that you can click on the “photo icon” at the top right and drop down the picture of what the puzzle is. I did it without looking to see what the photo looked like. I already knew what the house looked like of course.


  8. Woohoo it took me a couple of tries but I beat the 3:22 time with 3:02. It depends upon how scrambled the pieces are at the start. I seem to remember the last puzzles starting best time was 3:22 also. This time might be standard for all puzzles.


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