Name This Place 9.5.3

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  1. Mississippi Library Commission Building at the R&D Center in Jackson…I think.


  2. Well, I really like the building and I just went there a few weeks ago, and actually admired the doors.


  3. I picked the wrong time to be away from my desk. Leaving aside that I am a librarian and have been to the site more than once, the library commission logo is on the sign by the door. Oh well, I have had fun with this, this week and learned a lot actually.


  4. designed by Duval and Decker in joint venture with Burris/Wagnon Architects.


  5. Designed in 2003 and completed in 2005, it was a green building before green was green. The materials are local and recyclable.


  6. I like it… “before green was green”. Funny.


  7. Dang! I actually knew this door!


  8. Well, as usual y’all have outwitted poor little ol’ me once again. I didn’t manage to stump everyone on even one door this week. Humph!


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