From the Archives

Occasional multi-part series highlighting important but usually unpublished or rare documents about Mississippi’s architecture found in libraries or archives.


“An Architect Reviews Five Years with Architectural Concrete”: 1940 N.W. Overstreet Interview with the Portland Cement Association
(Dec 2009)

The Story of Mississippi’s New Capitol
(Jan 2010)

William S. Hull’s 1909 Report on the Governor’s Mansion
(March 2010)

Bernard Green’s 1900 Critique of the New Capitol Designs
(May 2011)

Joseph W. Molitor’s Architectural Photographs of Mississippi According to the Columbia University Avery Library records. (March 2011, February 2012)

Deupree’s Historic Homes. (February – August 2013)

A reprint from the 1903 publication that was one of the first “architectural history” series about Mississippi buildings.

A Nation In Motion: Historic American Transportation Sites (May-June 2014)

Repair and Renovation of the Old Capitol, 1916-1917

The Aladdin Company’s Order Ledger (2017-2018)

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  1. i want to know more of the lowry house in holly springs. My great uncle had the monoument company there . The carters


  2. I really love reading about old buildings and old places in the 1900 as one time that I’ve lost and that I wish I could have been born But the old board water hotel really, my mother passed away and have a couple of old ash Strays from hoping somebody to be interested in because I new she injoyed and was interested in them I wish i was born in that time and I’m sure my mother loved the hotel very much and she would whont me to sell them so please contact me if you’re interested I got 1974 1975 and it’s 262-661-3712 whenever sponsors so if you’re interested in them I’ll sell them cheap


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