Suzassippi’s Mississippi: Canted Corner Entrances

I adore corner entrances, aka canted, beveled, angled.  Something about them does, always has, always will, appeal to me.  Quick, pop quiz: Where are the two entrances featured above?  It’s nearing the end of the year, so here is a little journey back through time to appreciate some of the Mississippi buildings with corner entrances that have caught my eye.

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Square Books

And, the most beautiful corner entrance of them all in Mississippi!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the slideshow photos! Ding!!! I just figured out where “cattycorner” or “kittycorner” came from. Cattycorner is equal to chesterdrawers. LOL :-)

    Where is the most beautiful corner entrance of them all? The arch, terracotta color paint and black and white tiles – OOO LAH LAH!

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  2. I love this post! Nice job.


  3. Love it!


  4. Orginal Corner Shoe Store building in Tupelo. Northeast corner of Main St. at N. Spring Street. Also, the former Bank of Tupelo Building on the southwest corner of Main St. at North Spring Street. Photos taken February 2009.

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  5. Look at The Farris Bookstore in Macon! Thanks for including it.

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  6. The Biloxi Masonic Temple you so deftly identified over on S:RS as being authored by P J Krouse has a nice canted corner entrance.

    Biloxi Masonic Lodge.  P J Krouse, Archt.

    And the old Merchants Bank in Bay St. Louis had a beautiful granite column supporting the second floor above its canted corner entrance.


  7. Coast Clothing, corner Delmas & Pascagoula Street in Pascagoula is another!


  8. Saw this one this afternoon! Southeast corner of University Blvd(Formerly Terry Road) and Winter Street in Jackson, Mississippi. Good ole glass block windows too!


  9. Looks like a whole lot of folks have been busy this afternoon! I love them all.


  10. Northeast Mississippi is represented by the Waldron Building in downtown Corinth. It beats all of these other buildings with its two-story corner turret perched on a single limestone column.


  11. I wish I was walking into Square Books right now! This has made me realize what attracted me to the King Ranch Store in Kingsville, Texas (I KNOW its not in Mississippi, but) was the corner entrance! Now I’m on the lookout! Love all these comments, too!


  12. I’ve been reading through the comments after a long day of no internet access, hoping that someone was going to guess your two mystery buildings. I even cheated and searched for Tyson in the MDAH HIstoric Resources Database–nothing! Since I’m less familiar with the northeast section of the state, I’m guessing these are up your way, but otherwise, I’m still waiting for someone to tell me where these two interesting corner entrances with the weird rusticated stone columns are?


  13. Great post and can’t argue about Square Books, but have to confess my favorite such entrance is The Mayflower Café in Jackson. If I could figure out how to paste or upload a picture, I would do so.


  14. Hi! I was reading your latest post and had to Google canted entrance and found this of post of yours. I love these type of entrances too and now I know how to describe them!

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