Name This Place 11.2.1

After yesterday’s two contest posts, of the Old Country Store at Lorman and the Union Hotel in Meridian, we have the following standings:

Victoria Moon Conway: 3
Jack Elliott: 2
Suzassippi: 1
Tom Barnes: 1

Still plenty of game to play, so keep sharp and jump in when you know an answer!

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  1. Found this online: “The store at 236 South Main Street was started in 1939 by Louie Price, and then was taken over by Bernard Fink, who was married to Price’s daughter, Bernice. When Fink passed away in 1980, it was purchased by three long-time employees, Victor Carlson, W.R. Polk and Jimmy Chisholm. Chisholm, 71, who has now worked at the store 52 years, is the sole remaining owner.”


  2. This is cool info too: “There used to be a chain of Black and White Department Stores based out of Memphis, and the store in Yazoo City was just one of many. That chain ended up changing its name, and the Black and White Department Store in Yazoo City is believed to be the only one left with that name.”


  3. It is so much fun to see these places and get great historical info. Good job! Ms. Conway:)


  4. Haley Barbour used to shop here. (Mississippi Business Journal)

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  5. Three points for you, Victoria! Good work! And, Tom, a point for another tidbit of info!


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