Name This Place 9.5.2

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  1. Cleveland Police Department (Old Post Office). Built in 1934. The Architect is listed as the Office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury at MDAH and the style as Colonial Revival.


  2. Hm, this was only just posted at noon… I’m feeling suspicious. Not that I would have known the building myself. I am, apparently, really bad at this.


    • I am on the email list which pops up here at my office.Once the post is up, if I don’t just recognize the building (this building looked sort of familiar as there are a number of federal buildings with a similar look I have seen) I have just been looking for visual clues (Police Department and National Register Plaque). Then I go to the MDAH website (now that I understand how it works). Bring up National Register listings and Ctrl-F Police Department. Answer question from link. Then take half an hour to read about the building and place since this is supposed to be a learning opportunity above all else.


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