Name This Place 10.4

Yesterday was an interior shot of Hawkins Junior High in Hattiesburg.  1951, N.W. Overstreet & Associates as the Principal Architect.  The atrium space has a very cool Mushroom Capital column and is a good use of Terrazzo in the floor design.

Thomas snagged 4 points by spotting the Terrazzo and nailing the building ID, year and architect.  Blake Wintory’s eagle eye caught the Mushroom Capital.

Besides failing to stump everyone, I forgot the standings yesterday.  Here’s where everyone is:

  • Thomas – 10
  • ThomFred – 3
  • Blake Wintory – 2
  • CRPIII – 2

Still lots of points up for grabs – but you have to be quick to snag them!

See how you fare with today’s:

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14 replies

  1. Dentil on the Illinois Monument in the Vicksburg National Military Park. Constructed in 1906; William Le Baron Jenney, Architect.


  2. The Illinois State Memorial in the Vicksburg National Military Park, designed by W. L. B. Jenney, dedicated in 1906. Oh yes, entablature!


  3. Dentils. Dome. Greek Revival. C-scroll.


    • Welcome to our little game!

      The point for the dentils has been snagged already and none of the other terms you have IDed are any of our Words of the Week terms (yet), so I can’t give you points for them.


  4. Those look a little big to be dentils. Are you sure they are not block modillions?


    • I’ve heard this mentioned before in regards to the Illinois Monument. I think this is a case like we see with scagliola and marezzo – they are so similar that the differences can trip up even the best of us. Being the case, I’m still going to let the “dentil” answer score a point for our little contest.

      Perhaps our lexicographer (and my co-host / judge this week) Thomas Rosell will take up block modillions as a future term and highlight the difference between the two very similar details.


    • I believe you are right but since block modillions has not been one of our words, Ill agree with JR Gordon. You can see in this image of Biloxi city hall the use of both dentils and block modillions along the cornice.


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