Name This Place 10 – The Results

Oops – I meant to post the results Friday night – but the evening and then the weekend got away from me.

Friday’s Name This Place photo was a great source of our Word of the Week Terms.

It was White Arches in Columbus (c. 1857), and complete with quatrafoils, pilasters, returns, dentils, and abuci.  Thomas snagged 4 more points with the last 4 terms while Belinda Stewart got on the board with the building ID and quatrafoils.

Final standings show that Thomas had repeated as Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire.  Congrats!

  • Thomas – 20
  • Belinda Stewart – 4
  • ThomFred – 3
  • Blake Wintory – 2
  • CRPIII – 2
  • JRGordon / Thomas Rosell – 1

Categories: Contest, Cool Old Places, Historic Preservation

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