Name This Place 10.3

Well, I didn’t fool anyone again yesterday.

Yesterday was the Chapel of Memories at Mississippi State.  1966, Dean & Pursell and featuring Flemish Bond in the alter details.

ThomFred thought it was a softball and quickly IDed the building.  CRPIII had eagle eyes for the Flemish Bond and came up with the architect and Thomas scored the last point for the date.

I used the wider shot hoping to make it trickier to see the term – which didn’t work obviously – but for those doubting that it’s there, check out this image:

And now here is today’s:

Categories: Contest, Cool Old Places, Historic Preservation

10 replies

  1. The word is :Terrazzo:


  2. Mushroom capital


  3. Hawkins Elementary School, Hattiesburg, Built in 1951. Principal Architect: N.W. Overstreet.


  4. somehow minoan, somehow frank lloyd-wright–i don’t know where it is; but it’s pretty cool.


  5. After traipsing through so many mute, dull school buildings, coming across this in person was a jaw-dropper.


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