New Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire!

I fully intended to pronounce the winner of last week’s Name This Place Contest: The Doors edition on Friday evening while it was fresh on everyone’s mind. But first the siren song of crystal clear Spring weather called me outside and convinced me to unplug from the internet. And then Saturday, truth be told, I kind of remembered that this was tax season, so there was a bit of scrambling to finish those mind-bending forms (just a friendly reminder to any MissPresers who might be as forgetful as I am).

So, since I procrastinated until Monday and since JRGordon didn’t turn up much pressing news for a news roundup, why don’t we open the week with a coronation of the new MissPres Preservationist Extraordinaire?

Going into Friday, just after Harry Caray’s rousing seventh inning stretch, long-time reader but first-time contestant Thomas was in the lead, but statistically several other contestants were in range, albeit long shot range. Belinda identified the first set of doors (First Presbyterian Church, Laurel), Thomas picked up the second (Cleveland’s old Post Office), and ECGates jumped right on the last post in the series, the doors of the Mississippi Library Commission in Jackson. Others jumped in with various extra information and architectural descriptions to get bonus points. Thomas still pulled to an easy victory, mastering the MDAH Historic Resources database to add points upon points.

Congratulations to Thomas, our new Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire! Speech! Speech!

Final Standings:

  • Thomas: 24
  • JRGordon: 10
  • gstone: 7
  • Cindy Hornsby: 6
  • Belinda: 5
  • Suzassippi: 4
  • ECGates: 2
  • jeb: 1
  • Neel Reid: 1
  • Kathleen: 1

Thomas thus joins our growing List of Notables:

Name This Place I: tsj1957
Name This Place II: doakley
Name This Place III: Carunzel
Name This Place IV: tsj1957
Name This Place V: Belinda and Theodore
Name This Place VI: JRGordon
Name This Place VII: JRGordon and W. White
Name This Place VIII: Susan Allen (Suzassippi)
Name This Place IX: Thomas

Through it all, as several readers noted, I managed to post only double-leaf doors, ignoring all the great single-leaf doors in the state. Maybe we’ll have to have a “Single-Leaf Doors” edition of Name This Place someday.


And in a bit of newsiness, Suzassippi, who joined MissPres officially last summer as an occasional contributor in addition to her own blog, Suzassippi’s Lottabusha County Chronicles, will be posting more regularly through the spring and summer this year, updating us on her project in Mound Bayou, but also posting about all the interesting and historic places she comes across in her frequent travel around the state. She’s also become a convert to the Architectural Word of the Week series, so her powers of observation have recently been brought to bear on brick bonds, among other things. Thanks to Suzassippi for becoming a regular, and if anyone else out there has an itch to write about preservation, Mississippi architecture, and related topics, just let me know.

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7 replies

  1. Paying taxes are a necessary, yet important, evil. We’d all hate to have to wait for the dial-up to connect at the federal pen before we get our latest PiM updates!


  2. By the way… congrats, Thomas!


  3. Congratulations to new Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire Thomas and all the contest participants!


  4. Thanks. I had a great deal of fun with the contest and learned a lot.


  5. Congrats, Thomas!! You blew us all outta the water.


  6. How embarassing. I’ve toddled then walked through those church doors for 50+ years. I feel shamed.


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