Name This Place 10.2

I pitched a hanging curve yesterday that was knocked out of the park by you savvy MissPresers.

Yesterday was the Citizen’s National Bank building in Meridian. 1968, Richard B. Clopton and featuring a Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell design with it’s roof.  It was also a building featured in Malvaney’s Three Round Banks post.

Blake Wintory quickly ID’d the one term we had in this one, and Thomas came in with the building ID, locale and year.  Thomas and ThomFred tied (according to the time stamp) with the Architect .

And yeah, the bad “curve” joke was intended.

Standings so far:

  • Thomas – 4
  • Blake Wintory – 1
  • ThomFred – 1

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s:

Categories: Contest, Cool Old Places, Historic Preservation

13 replies

  1. That’s a softball: MSU’s Chapel of Memories…1971, I believe


  2. Flemish bond! 1965


    • Darn – I was hoping that since I didn’t do a close up of it that it would take a while for someone to see it. Point for your eagle eyes.

      That’s not the date I have for the building though.


  3. Dean and Pursell


  4. And could the wooden uprights be considered brackets?


  5. I have to ask: Is it our blog host, or a relation, that worked on the original plans for the chapel?

    From MDAH:
    unfinished plans?
    Year Role Documentation Name
    1962 Architect Documented Malvaney, Edgar L. & Associates


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