NHL Photo Contest 2013

It’s that time of year for the annual National Historic Landmark Contest! If you’re going to a Pilgrimage, or if you’re just hanging around Jackson, you have the chance to take a winning shot of an NHL. So far, we haven’t seen a Mississippi building win in this contest, so let’s get out there and showcase what we’ve got!

Here are the rules, according to the NHL Flickr group:

About 2013 National Historic Landmark (NHL) Photo Contest

Time to explore the stories that make our nation great. Visit National Historic Landmarks and you can….

Discover sports — a baseball stadium, racetrack, college bowls, and more

Get your nerd on — radar testing, a giant antenna, and a jet propulsion lab

Appreciate the craftsmanship — design schools, Gilded Age mansions, handcrafted cabins

Understand the sacrifice — battlefields, battleships, Civil Rights sites

Feel the artistry — studios, theaters, museums and more

Surprise the kid inside — roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and lots of trains

Find inspiration — designed landscapes, religious buildings, and great vistas

National Historic Landmarks tell tales in neighborhoods, cities, parks and landscapes all across the country.

Get out your camera. Visit a site. Listen to your stories. Share Your Observations.

There are just over 2,500 places, objects or districts that are designated as National Historic Landmarks. These exceptional sites celebrate our shared history and help us understand where we come from and what we might achieve. In most cases, they are owned or operated by private individuals, nonprofit groups or companies. They are proud of their stewardship and work hard to preserve their site for the enjoyment of generations to come. Your visit makes you a part of their story. Enjoy!
But how do I enter?
1. If you’re not sure where to find a National Historic Landmark near you, check this state-by-state list.
2. Visit National Historic Landmarks that interest you. Check websites in advance for information about admission and more. (Note that some National Historic Landmarks are privately-owned; please do not trespass.)
3. Have an amazing experience and take pictures.
4. Each photographer may enter up to 10 photographs. You can enter one, you can enter five, but you can’t enter eleven. You may enter only one photograph per NHL. (So you may have taken 10 pictures of the fireworks over your favorite NHL, but you must pick only one to enter. Up to 10 photos from 10 different NHLs.
5. And don’t forget to add Your Observation! Did you have an a-ha moment you’d like to share? Or would you rather describe your photo and tell us why you took it?

The 14th Annual National Historic Landmark Photo Contest page will be open for entries from Monday, April 1, 2013, through Tuesday, July 9, 2013 (midnight EST).

One photo per NHL. Up to 10 photos per photographer. Photographers must accept the contest rules before they can enter. Images must be tagged 2013NHLPhotoContest AND added to the group pool. This screencast shows you how.


What NHL does this stairway grace?

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  1. That’s the staircase at Auburn isn’t it?


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