Name This Place 10.5

It’s the last day of our latest Name This Place!

Yesterday, we had the iconic Illinois Monument in the Vicksburg Military Park (1906, William Le Baron Jenney as the architect – although I think if anyone had ventured to the MDAH Database for the structure, there were several other artisans that I probably would have awarded points for if you had mentioned them.

Several terms guessed at yesterday – not all of AWoW terms.  One that was there, but not mentioned by anyone was kneeler.  See them along the pediment?

Since no one got that, the Co-Hosts get that point (and a little bit of pride at fooling you savvy readers on something this week).

Here’s the latest standings:

  • Thomas – 16
  • ThomFred – 3
  • Blake Wintory – 2
  • CRPIII – 2
  • JRGordon / Thomas Rosell – 1

TODAY’S HAS SEVERAL TERMS – AND YOU MUST DESCRIBE WHERE THERE ARE TO SNAG THE POINTS!  So no throwing terms out in a “shouting them out” manner today.

Categories: Contest, Cool Old Places, Historic Preservation

13 replies

  1. Abacus at the top of the porch columns
    Pilaster on the window(door?) casing on the second floor
    Dentil on the fascia of both floors
    Returns on the awning(if that’s the right word) over the door and window
    There appears to be a bracket under the porch (to the right of the picture)


  2. White Arches in Columbus, MS — Built 1857, I think.


  3. Is there a name for the second floor pilasters with the prominent center recess? I’ve never seen a detail like this. Each one almost reads as a pair of pilasters, at least up to the capitals. Echos the paired porch columns below… nice.


  4. Non-masonry trimmings! LOL


  5. Is octagonal sided columns with some kind of turban looking capital architectural terms?


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