Friday Puzzler: Chapel of the Cross

Friday and Saturday puzzles were such a hit earlier in the year, I’m not sure why I forgot to do any since January. If you’ve never done one, fair warning, they’re pretty addictive. This first one, with 42 pieces is defined as “Tricky” by, and it took me 5:57 on my first try (probably closer to 5:00 because it had already started before I realized the timer was going). You can click on the image in the upper right to see what the picture looks like.

Online jigsaw puzzles from

If you’re an experienced puzzler, as my dad is, you will find the above puzzle too easy. So to avoid mockery from old retired guys sitting in their easy chairs, I’ve created a harder version of the same image, this one with 72 pieces and defined as “Hard.” This one took me 11:18 on my first try. Remember to hit the “Reset” button on the upper right to start the clock at 0:00. Enjoy!

Want to work other Mississippi architectural puzzles?

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6 replies

  1. You are right. These are hard to pull oneself away from but works calls. (A little too loudly, sometimes!)

    Thanks for the break.


  2. Fun! I’m not the best at puzzles but this was a great little break, but back to the paperwork I go.


  3. Dad did it in 4 min 24 seconds. Is that OK? Dad


  4. Dad did the second one in 9 minutes 16 seconds; Is that OK? Dad


  5. That’s why we call you Mr. Speedy :-)


  6. Took me almost 4 years to reply! Mr. Sloth!


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