Name This Place 12.5.1

Thursday’s first post was the day’s difficult one but after an hour the Iuka/Mineral Springs Hotel was identified by Carunzel, with Suzassippi, ed polk douglas, Belinda2015, and Thomas Rosell receiving one point each for their contributions. The second building to be… Read More ›

Name This Place 12.4.1

In Wednesday’s action, Thomas Rosell correctly identified the day’s first post the long lost Meridian City Hall and Market, with ed polk douglas and donnaballard able to provide more information for a single point each. The second building was Capitol… Read More ›

Name This Place 12.3.1

In Tuesday’s action, I generously awarded Tom Little and Suzassippi two points each for correctly identifing Patterson-Bradford Rexall Drugs in the first post, despite the fact that neither actually said it was in Jackson, with ed polk douglas, Pibbb, Thomas Rosell, and ELMalvaney also… Read More ›

Name This Place 12.2.1

In yesterday’s first post, ed polk douglas jumped out to the lead by correctly identifying the Tullis-Toledano House in Biloxi and providing a plethora of facts about the house, but Belinda2015, Helen Ellis, and sec040121 were still able to receive points… Read More ›

Name This Place 12.1.1

If you are just joining us, you have picked a great time. We are at the very start of the twelfth edition of our Name This Place contest, wherein MissPres readers battle for the much-coveted title of Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire. At the… Read More ›

Name This Place 11.5.1

Today’s three posts will determine our winner of this week’s Name This Place contest. Yesterday, Suzassippi ID’d the Tupelo One-Hour Martenizing Cleaners sign, and moved into her first lead of the week. But later in the day, all we heard… Read More ›

Name This Place 11.4.1

Once again yesterday, I failed to stump you eagle-eyed MissPresers, although I came close on the last post of the day, Abraham Lincoln School in Leland, which took Suzassippi an hour and a half to identify. Competition was hot and… Read More ›