Mississippi Streets: Jackson’s Capitol Street, 1960s

I’ve seen a lot of postcards of Jackson’s Capitol Street looking from the far west end near the King Edward Hotel up to the Old Capitol, but this one goes in the opposite direction and shows some buildings that don’t get much notice in those other perspectives.

Notice the JCPenney off to the far left, one of Mississippi’s best Modernist commercial building that was unfortunately demolished in Urban Renewal when it was barely 30 years old. HABS photos of it before the demolition show that architectural historians thought it was worthy of documentation even then. See where this building’s twin still stands in Thomas Rosell’s Architectural Twins post. At the center is the Hotel Heidelberg, which is the subject of a post by Tom Barnes that continues to be one of the most popular posts here on MissPres. I don’t know what O.P.O. stands for–anyone out there remember?

See other Mississippi streets . . .

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2 replies

  1. OPO was a clothing store. Sounds trite, but I seem to remember a “One Price Only” motto.


  2. Great to see these buildings again in this wonderful photo of great places of our past. So sad to see the Heidelberg go as well as other buildings that once were part of our lives.


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