Mississippi Streets: 1920s Yazoo City


Note: I’m not an expert in dating postcards, so this date is just my best guess. If you have a better guess, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Say “circa 1920s”. “Circa” is a magic word! HA! You can date postcards by the style of photography or printing method used. This style is “Curt Teich”.meaning it was printed by the Curt Teich company or at least in the style they used. I think that would make these type cards cover the circa 1910-40 range. Something like that. Look on the back or along the margin on the front and see what company printed it. That will give a clue. Of course the vehicles shown are a good way to date it as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curt_Teich#


  2. When I see vintage photos such as this, I always wish for a magic wand that I could wave and go back time for just one day. I also would make a circle with my wand and poof enough money to own one of those cars and shop in a few of the stores :)


  3. I attended the YazooCity High School 50th class reunion this past May. One of the functions was held at the Non Smoking Smokehouse on Main Street. The Street looks basically the same as this post card, but the buildings have brightly painted facades, giving the downtown a fresh look.


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