Mississippi Streets: Hattiesburg, c.1914

Today’s Mississippi Streets image of Newman Street, in Hattiesburg’s railroad district, comes courtesy of MissPres reader Thomas Gentry, whose grandfather’s business, Burkett Sheet Metal Works was located on the right (one-story building with the sign painted on the front). Thanks for sharing!

Burkett Sheet Metal Wks, 113 Newman Street

Same street, 2014 on Google Streetview:

See other Mississippi Streets:

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  1. The street address is 113 Newman. That second photo is , as I remember, where the Bonhome & Hattiesburg Southern RR locomotive engined wa parked. It may have been a Roundhouse. The building seems to in the process of new construction
    The BSM building that replaced the old wood structure is identified as the Bruce Paper Co. In the MDHA archives. My father said that the architect that designed the new building was C. C. Herein.


  2. The current address for the Burkett Sheet Metal Works building is 140 Newman Street. That wooden structure is the Tatum building that housed the Hattiesburg Southern & Bonhomie RR locomotive. Maybe Tatum Lumber Company curator/timber baron, Dick Molphus, can tell us if it’s still housed there.
    The 1935 BSM Works building that replaced the wooden structure was designed by architect C. C. Herrin. It is listed in the MDHA as the Bruce Paper Company building.



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