Vacation Postcards: Lou’s Candy Kitchen, Edwards

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.


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  1. enjoy the vacation. Love the photo.


  2. OMG – what a “blast from the past”!!! Miss Lou’s Candy Kitchen (owned by Miss Louise Williamson) sat directly across from my grandparents’ house on Hwy 80 as it runs through Edwards. In the days before I-20, this was the primary east-west artery across the state, and all the tourists as well as the truckers came right by here. This little shop was an air-conditioned oasis in the 1960s, and the fudge, pralines, and divinity were to die for!

    In the rear of the photo you can see the now-lost brick Edwards school building, and the white “EDWARDS” letters that remain on the hillside in the curve. When I was in California last year I met a young woman at the University of California-Merced who was a 3rd generation transplant from Mississippi to California but said her grandfather helped build that sign.


  3. Looks like my kind of place! I can’t wait for more postcards!


  4. Thanks for the memories!
    On every trip through Edwards I recall those sweet candy memories from childhood and ponder exactly where the tiny street-front shop was located. Thanks to you and Kathleen I now know that it must have been on the third driveway from the turn, or at least on the east side of the third power pole. I will look more closely on my next trip to Coker, and feel at home on highway 80 once more.
    Bob Adams


    • Between the “Lou’s Candy Kitchen” sign and the “Drive In” sign, is Miss Lou’s driveway that went to the back behind her house, as well as looped around the shop and came out on the other side of the light pole there. The person that took the picture had to be standing in my Memes’ driveway next door (see post below) to take the picture. The air conditioning in there was the first time I had ever been in the a/c other than the movies.


  5. LOVE this photo!!!


  6. I just read a verse in Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s, Positive Thinking Bible and in one of the “story” boxes, he mentions a story about a Mrs. Lou in Edwards, MS along route 80, etc. her humble beginnings, her losing her husband and her finding her courage and Faith picking herself up and recognizing her own abilities; making candy, Thanks for putting a photo to that story. Very, very cool…….


  7. Wow, never thought I would see a picture of that place. My Meme (my grandmother, Miss Daisy Belle) helped miss Lou cook and sell candy. She lived next door to the east. I would sit with her while people would stop and buy candy. I never really understood how popular the place was until later on. I was in second grade and went to the Edwards school that is in the background on the hill where it says “Edwards”. We had the third and second grade in the same room. We ate in the white cafeteria building which would be to the right (in the picture) of the school building on the south side of highway 80, just at the curve. Meme used to work there too, and drive the school bus. I was passed around to be held by the students while “Miss Daisy” drove the bus. Miss Lou had some buildings behind her house (west of the little shop) and that is where the candy was cooked and made. The pecans came from Miss Lou’s yard and Memes’ and I’m sure from other places as well. My brother and I would pick them up and “sell them” to her. This is one of the things where when you look back on it, at this age, you understand that it is “the journey” and not the trip. Miss Lou had a book of photos of people that had stopped by and where they were from. I remember Meme showing me the book, it was kept in the shop, and telling me where all these folks had come from and how “far away” they were. I can’t stop crying. Meme is gone now, for a while, Miss Lou too, she passed long before Meme. Someone bought her house and “restored it”, course that was 30-40 years ago. Memes’ house had a driveway on both sides and was the next door house, just east of Miss Lou’s and the shop was just next to the driveway on the west. I loved to safety pin a towel onto my shirt and play Superman and jump off Memes’ front porch to the ground…it was a thousand feet high, and I felt super. Mr Ed Bryant Sr was Memes’ husband and he owned the Gulf service station on the corner of Main St and highway 80 just past the second curve into town past the JP’s office. Oh my! OMG….I just thought about it a few minutes ago and “Googled” Miss Lou’s Candy Kitchen….wow. Such wonderful memories of life and living…with people that loved you and you loved back. Oh my.


  8. While making supper of potato soup on a snowy day in East Tennessee, I thought of what we called Lou’s Candy Kitchen. In the very early 50s, we made several trips back and forth from Brandon to San Diego during one year, My brother and I were never satisfied until we stopped for candy. What a treat! I guess the candy kept us quiet for a little while, at least. The post card pictured above refreshed my memory of the little shop in front of Miss Lou’s house. TFTM!


  9. I found a postcard of Lou’s Candy Kitchen with my parents memories. On the postcard my Mom wrote we stopped here on the way to Birmingham, AL from Shreveport, LA I was born in 1956 in Shreveport and we moved to Birmingham appox. one year later. I never tasted any of Ms. Lou’s treats, but I’m sure they must have been great. Attached to the postcard is a business card with the words, “Sweetest Spot on Highway 80”. On the back are the prices which include postage and insurance. 1 lb box of mixed candy $2.45, 2lb box of mixed candy $4.50, 1lb box of Pralines $2.50, 2lb box of Pralines $4.55, 1lb Can Peanut Brittle $1.80, 1.5lb Can Peanut Brittle $2.50. So cool, it makes my mouth water right now!


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