Where did you vote?

Many times we focus on the importance of our ability to vote, but we often do not think of the location where we cast our ballot.

Firehouses, city halls, and courthouses all seem to have been popular places historically, as in 1890 in Jackson the city held polling at the following locations. (“Election Proclamation” Clarion-Ledger [Jackson, MS] 12 June 1890. Page 2)

North Ward: Hook and Ladder Hall
West Ward: West Jackson Engine House
South Ward: City Hall

City Hall, Jackson, Hinds County, MS, September 7, 1936 FRONT (NORTHEAST CORNER). James Butters, HABS Photographer.

In 1922, having grown considerably over the past 30 years, the city of Jackson had the following voting places for its nine wards. (“New Registration in Ordered for Jackson; Voting Precincts in City are Increased from Six to Nine”  Jackson Daily News [Jackson, MS] 12 January 1922. Page 8)

Ward 1: Old Capitol
Ward 2: City Hall
Ward 3: Century Building
Ward 4: Daniels Building
Ward 5: West Jackson Fire Station
Ward 6: Sistrunk Store
Ward 7: Salvation Army Headquarters, Roach Street
Ward 8: Brady & Larkins store, Gallatin Street
Ward 9: McNeil Brothers Store (corner Poindexter and Capitol)

Jackson had a big population, with the need for many polling locations. Rural voters polling places may have looked quite different.  In 1895, the Weekly Democrat announced that the Adams County supervisors decided to change a voting precinct from the Beverly Plantation to the Robins Bayou Schoolhouse. (“The Supervisors” the Weekly Democrat [Natchez, MS] 16 October 1895. Page 2)

Some rural areas constructed small buildings specifically for the purpose of voting.

Where do you recall voting taking place in your community?

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  1. We had a small wood framed voting house (maybe 12′ square) at the intersection of two country roads in Franklin County. I’m glad to see a post on this site. I’ve missed the news and conversation.

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  2. We used to vote at the old one-room Savannah Community schoolhouse on Highway 53. Katrina destroyed it, and all that remains are the front and back steps. I miss seeing it there on my daily drive.

    Glad you’re back!

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  3. Glad to see you’re back! When I was a kid, we voted at a volunteer fire station. Now, the precinct of Adaton has been split into that same fire station and a church hall. I now vote at the church hall.

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  4. Having seen recent posts on Mount Holly and Mr. Rosell’s on voting sites, can anyone tell me what has become of “E. L. Malvaney” and the Preservation in Mississippi site? Some folks have welcomed him back, but there weren’t any posts for a couple of years. I would appreciate knowing if the site, which I enjoy, is operational again. Thanks! Chris Losson in Saint Joseph, MO

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  5. Great having you back!
    I was 18 years old in 1972, first year 18 years old could vote. Seems like it was a fire station.

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  6. Thanks for this new post, TR, and I have to second all these folks who said welcome back. I too, miss MissPres. I was traveling the past 2 weeks across Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida, and I saw so many wonderful places that recalled to mind the good times here on MissPres. Happy November!


  7. are we back???????????????????????????? just happened to look–i hope so. i have some blog ideas for malveney—– hi, everyone– hope all are healthy. i can send plenty of ‘extra snow’ from finger lakes, ny state. ed


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