Mississippi Streets: Vicksburg 1936

Who will be the first to identify which street and which building Walker Evans captured in 1936?

Vicksburg street. Mississippi Walker Evans (1903-1975), photographer. Date Created: 1936 Mar. Medium: 1 negative : nitrate ; 8 x 10 inches or smaller.

Vicksburg street. Mississippi. Walker Evans (1903-1975), photographer. Date Created: 1936 Mar. Medium: 1 negative : nitrate ; 8 x 10 inches or smaller.

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  1. Have NO idea what street name is, but LOVE the cars and the Moor looking arch and ornate iron handrail on the stairs under the arch!


  2. Walnut street looking north from St. Paul’s church. The hotel is on the left with the Moorish Arch. The edge of the BB club is just visible to the right of the arch. The multi story building on the right is the Saenger Theatre.


  3. Mr. ABill is correct. The lot on the left where the hotel was located is now a nasty concrete 2-level parking garage. The garage was built during the late-1970s when “urban renovation” was funded and, apparently, parking garages where considered renovation. It is sobering to consider how much land space is devoted to automobile storage in American cities. The Sanger Theatre in the distance was damaged by the 1953 tornado and subsequently demolished.


  4. Today I discovered that there are several more photographs by Walker Evans in Vicksburg 1936 that are public domain.


    I suspect you would love to search here as I have.

    This one shows rows of houses on hilly streets. I can’t yet identify which street, but I suspect it is down in the Speeds annexed region. As far as architecture, the dwellings are very simple. Someone with a crew of carpenters helped many low income people get in to homes of their own during the depression. Maybe connected with the various WPA projects of the time.

    Photograph by Walker Evans 1936
    Negro houses, south end of town, Vicksburg, Mississippi
    United States. Farm Security Administration (Sponsor)
    Evans, Walker, 1903-1975 (Photographer)
    Date Created: 1936-02
    Photo Source # 11,1936
    Digital Public Library of America

    Billboard Sign about Pan-Am Gasoline Motor Oils


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