Mississippi’s New Preservationist Extraordinaire

Yesterday’s Name This Place finale brought such a flurry of activity and point-getting that as I began writing this post, I still wasn’t quite sure who the winner was. Congratulations to several new contestants who entered the ring and grabbed points from the front-runners. It all came down to the last post, but Victoria Moon Conway emerged as our latest Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire, racking up 16 points to second-place Suzassippi’s 13. Congratulations, Victoria, take a bow and feel free to give a speech!

Meanwhile, I’m happy because for the first time I was able to stump the MissPres universe with Thursday’s second post, and even though Thomas Rosell finally figured it out, he missed the strict 24-hour deadline in which to identify the building, so per The Rules, I get four points. Hooray for me!

Final Standings:
Victoria Moon Conway: 16
Suzassippi: 13
Tom Barnes: 5
ELMalvaney: 4
crpiii: 3
Carunzel: 3
Jack Elliott: 2
Sam Middleton: 2
Blake Wintory: 2
sec040121: 1
A Fish: 1
Chip: 1
Db: 1
W. White: 1

Where’s the mystery sign?

Signs02 copy

Click here to find out.

I enjoyed it, y’all, and I hope you did too! Next week, we’re back to the normal routine ho-hum.

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  1. Congratulations to Victoria Moon Conway! Always fun to see a new name gathered at the preservation water cooler. And congratulations to Malvaney for stumping the contestants in a very challenging round!


  2. Sorry I’m late responding, we have been ripping out our bathroom to do some repairs. Seriously, this is such an honor! There was some good competition and I’m humbled that I was the one to get the title. I’m just really passionate about history and preservation. These posts make me want to road trip. I’m beaming over here, thank you!

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