Name This Place 11.3.1

The standings after two days of this week’s Name This Place contest:

Victoria Moon Conway: 7
crpiii: 3
Jack Elliott: 2
Tom Barnes: 2
Suzassippi: 1

Still plenty of time to jump right in if you know where a sign is located as today will have a total of three posts. And I notice that no one has ventured into the particular history of the signs themselves, so you could conceivably still earn points on previous days’ posts if you know, for instance, the history of neon church signs such as yesterday’s First Methodist Church in Itta Bena, which crpiii identified after only half an hour, thwarting my efforts to stump everyone.

As this morning is the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death, a quote by him seemed most appropriate to start off the day. Where is it located?

Signs12 copy

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  1. The National Military Park in Vicksburg


  2. Built by the Culver Construction Company


  3. Words are from his first inaugural address, March 4, 1861. Architect William Le Baron Jenney, sculptors Charles Mulligan and Frederick Triebel.


  4. The monument itself is built of Stone Mountain Georgia granite on the base, and Georgia white marble above the base. There are 47 steps in the stairway, one for each day of the siege. It is modeled after the Roman Pantheon, and has 60 bronze tablets inside with the names of the 36,325 Illinois soldiers participating in the “Vicksburg Campaign.” It is 62 feet high, and cost $194,423.92.


  5. Well, let’s see. Tom and sec040121, how about you split the two point prize since Tom made the initial ID and sec040121 narrowed it down to the Illinois Monument. Then Tom gets another point about the contractor, Suzassippi grabs A point by naming the architect and sculptor and another point for giving us more information about the sign itself. So, that gives us, so far, Tom, 2 points; sec040121, 1 point; and Suzassippi, 2 points. Still one piece of information that’s worth one point by my reckoning.


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