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  1. I think it is in Leland, Mississippi. Constructed 1954. Conjectured Architect Kaplan & Dickman.


  2. It was completed in December 1954 (or at least slated for completion then) and constructed by Wetmore & Parman, Inc. of Jackson.


  3. I really like the fact that the banners are secured at the mortar joints as they should be and not to the bricks.

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  4. I also found a couple of sources that indicate it was originally constructed for African American students. Any corroboration for that known?


    • It is possible. The other school complex in Leland is labeled as the white school in the MDAH HRI,


    • A good rule of thumb about any school in the South, from my experience: if it’s named Abraham Lincoln School, then it was African American. When I was working on my thesis about a black community in Tallahassee, FL, I was reading through the school board minutes, c.1895, and came across a little nugget that conveyed everything it needed to very concisely. Referring to the black high school, the minutes said, “the Negro high school, which they call Lincoln.”

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