Name This Place 12.1.2

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  1. Wild guess: Ocean Springs HS?


  2. Old Inverness High School circa 1925. Was torn down in 2010.


  3. Old Delta Academy – Inverness/I agree w/prev post


    • I am afraid you do not get a point for agreeing with previous posts, you have to provide additional information, of which there is plenty out there about this building.


  4. okay, i misunderstood contest–4 photos of 4 different buildings during the day–not 4 photos of the same building—so, one would have to be looking constantly at the site to ‘get in first’, huh? well, now i know the score—and, so, will have to look at the ‘contest’ when i have the time, not looking ‘all the time’—

    i didn’t know this building anyway–but, most interesting. another sad loss, apparently.


    • Sorry about that Ed, but it never occurred to me that there would be a misunderstanding about that. I do not remember any misunderstandings like that in previous Name This Place contests. I thought it was understood that the photos would be of different buildings. Why post four photos of the same building spread out over twelve hours when it was identified (the Place was Named) within fifteen minutes of the first photo?


  5. I can’t stop weeping long enough to play this one either. :-(


  6. Overstreet was fond of this double-entrance plan in the 1920s, before the state started publishing standard plans for architects to follow. Shaw School, built 1923 and recently listed on the National Register, is another one in the Delta, and Barr Elementary School in Jackson is a one-story example. Overstreet’s Bolivar County Courthouse in Cleveland is a different building type and style, but has those double entrances.


  7. My 99 year old mother, who served as secretary at the school for some time, was in the first “first grade” class at this school. The original building was all two stories. Both one story additions on either end were added later. It had wonderful old oiled wooden floors. I went to school there from first to senior year. The roof was made of tiles. There were two fabulous wooden stairways to the second floor near each of the entrances. Large auditorium/library/study hall in the center upstairs. You had to pass through the auditorium to get to class rooms on either side. Hallway all the way down bottom floor with rooms off that. Jack Catlette has a wonderful book of photographs of this school.


    • Your post got caught up in the comments system, but you submitted it before today’s first post so you get a point. Thank you for providing the information.


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