Name This Place 12.3.4

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  1. Vandiver Student Union Mississippi Delta Community College. Moorhead, Sunflower County


  2. 1968 Brewer, Skewes, & Godbold Architects. Hall-McGowin Construction Co. Builders. Like the Capitol St. Methodist Church in Jackson it also met its demise in 2011


  3. bravo, mr r. was working on my wallpaper study, so didn’t get here ‘on the dot’; but, then, had no idea about the building but did think ‘1960s’. see y’all tomorrow—


  4. And just think, I was within 2 miles of there today whilst traveling in the Delta. I even looked over and said, “Whereabouts is Mississippi Delta College, and where does the Yellow Dog cross the Southern?” I should get 5 points for ESP….or at least ‘honorable mention for thinking about Name This Place.’


    • My Magic 8-Ball says no points for ESP. :-)

      But if you provide some sort of fact about the building (other than just saying it was needlessly demolished, which it was, like all the other buildings in this contest), then I will give you a point.

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  5. I left Mississippi in 1976 after college. I sure am enjoying the enthusiasm, very entertaining and at the same time sad to see that these buildings were demolished.


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