Name This Place 12.2.3

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  1. Speed Street School, Vicksburg (1894-2009)


  2. designed by Vicksburg builder/architect, Mr. William Stanton


  3. William Stanton also built:
    Walnut Street School, Cherry Street School, Main Street School, Old St Francis Xavier School and Complex to name a few.


  4. without every having seen an image of this building, i was going to guess ‘vicksburg’ because there is a vaguely gothic revival feeling to the structure–tall windows, abbreviated label –window tops–what is that word? my brain isn’t working cause we are in the midst of a mini-blizzard here right now–but, thankfully, i am inside and not out in it on my bike! the earlier gothic revival(pre-1860) seems to have stuck around in vicksburg longer than some other ms places–until it merged with the later gothic revival of the late 19th/early 20th century the st frances xavier school and complex are part of this—had heard of william stanton before mspres did a nice post on him a whie back–important for that part of ms—


  5. course, the pediment, even though awkwardly proportioned, could be called neo-classical, while the arched window therein is italianate—so, an eclectic mix very typical of the late 19th century!


  6. LINTELS—–DUH! once i was quiet, i immediately thought of the word for the window tops!


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