Name This Place 12.2.2

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  1. racing to enter-a-hotel, laurel–can’t think of the name but wanted to get some points…. 1920s


  2. Pinehurst Hotel, Laurel,1914


    • yep, pinehurst–knew it was pine-something but wanted to check before i sent in the wrong answer– was slightly off on the date—‘mediterranean modern’— popular style for hotels at the time— i remember going in this hotel as a child–think this was a tennessee williams ”character’ in ‘streetcar named desire’– ‘the tragic heroine’ lived here before moving to new orleans, had a different name, of course–


  3. Strike, 1!

    Ed must be on his errand.


  4. Architects Debuys, Churchill and Labouisse of NOLA. Demolished 1987


  5. hey–thomas–i got back from my errands and raced to the laptop–but, was slightly too late for the initial id— stopped to talk to two friends which held me up—


  6. yes, blanche dubois lived in the flamingo hotel in laurel before moving to new orleans–and, this mediterranean modern ‘style’ hotel pinehurst perhaps helped author williams in coming up with his name ‘flamingo’—–


  7. believe it or not, i didn’t do all of my morning errands this morning, but do i dare leave the laptop? yes, certainly–not too easy to carry on a bicycle with groceries, etc! didn’t know the architect of the pinehurst, so happy to know that, malvaney-not surprised that it was a new orleans firm— know mr gentry can remember the architecturally significant(now destroyed) hotel hattiesburg— which deteriorated into the bum hotel milner— also a new orleans firm of architects–a mini version of the last st charles—


  8. and, an increased use of electricity– okay, yes, am back from today’s errands on my bicycle but the afternoon errands were shortened–partially because of our quiz but also because it’s been flurrying here all day, it’s windy, and it’s in the low 30s— why would any sensible person be out on a bike right now when she/he could be communing with other ms architectural aficianados? but, mr white, are you getting anything done this week other than the quiz? we know that it takes a lot of effort to come up with the photos, the related info, judge the submissions—–!


    • Not as much as I would like to get done, but I was able to squeeze in buying a pile of books, sport coat, and groceries this afternoon, among other errands.


  9. Pinehurst Hotel,
    Laurel, ms


    • Thank you for your comment, but I am afraid that the time has expired for naming this particular building. The cut-off time is the next day’s first post. You still have time to participate in anything posted today. Read The rules and start playing.


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