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  1. First Baptist, Greenwood


  2. Architect Charles Bulger, Contractor S.L. McGinnis


  3. It was listed as a Pivotal structure in the Four Corners Historic District


  4. here we have two interesting points— this building was in a very fussy beaux arts classical style(elements from every ancient and previous classical style) and certainly grand for mississippi at the time; the ancient greeks didn’t mix porticoes with domes, and that happened with the ancient romans–the pantheon, still standing in rome, though now a church–is a super example of mixing portico and dome(though it doesn’t look so great now—); the sculptor antonio canova’s ‘mausoleum and museum’ in passagno, italy, is an interesting 19th c example mixing a very greek revival portico with a roman dome.

    remember my discussion about the ionic order’s column capitals yesterday in conection with the church in columbus–well, look at the capitals of these columns—they are very ‘ancient greek’ with their fluting and necking band; on the other hand, the proportions are squatty and not very grecian. and, the capitals? well, they are the scamozzi type with 4 volutes–so that they have no front, back or sides–all elevations are the same–and very ungrecian! beaux arts architects had every previous architectural era at their disposal, hundreds of books with photos and drawings to copy in their buildings, and superb craftsmen to create whatever was designed.

    all i can say is, this kind of building won’t be built again, and, yes, i ‘ll ask a question–were any of the architectural elements from this building saved and re-used?


  5. charles bulgar’s dates—1851-1922; bofn in indiana, started his arch. profession in trinidad, co, main office in dallas but also one in galveston; very important church architect–like r h hunt company–in late 19th/e 20th cent–more than 100 churches in over 20 states—


  6. The dome looks Turkish or something else to me. Moroccan maybe? Looks like a hat on top!


  7. i certainly agree— kind of fussied up version of french and spanish romanesque— also, romanesque revival, like sacre coeur church in paris(the side domes)— the eclecticism of this period in rather incredible— you see this kind of fancy classicism in the 19th century reconstructions of ancient greek and roman buildings done by students in the american and european universities at the time—


  8. in my haste, i misspelled the place in italy with the canova-designed domed temple–should be possagno instead of passagno— am far from perfect, friends—-


  9. S.L. McGinnis also built the first baptist Church in Indianola, which is still extant. The FBC Greenwood structure sat at the North East corner of Washington and Henderson Sts., facing Washington. This majestic empty lot is what replaced it.


  10. This church is a twin to First Baptist Church in Texarkana, AR.


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