Name This Place 12.2.1

In yesterday’s first post, ed polk douglas jumped out to the lead by correctly identifying the Tullis-Toledano House in Biloxi and providing a plethora of facts about the house, but Belinda2015, Helen Ellis, and sec040121 were still able to receive points for adding more information about it. The second post was Old Inverness High School/Central Delta Academy, which reigning Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire Victoria M Conway identified and provided additional information about for two points with lisahowellphotography getting a point for identifying the architect, ELMalvaney getting a point for identifying similar N. W. Overstreet buildings, and Lynn Catlette Madden posting a personal recollection. The third post was Homewood in Natchez; jackdelliottjr received two points for knowing that, with sec040121, Belinda2015, and ed polk douglas also getting a point each.

Current Standings:

ed polk douglas: 3 points
sec040121: 2 points
Victoria M Conway: 2 points
jackdelliottjr: 2 points
Belinda2015: 1 point
Helen Ellis: 1 point
lisahowellphotography: 1 point
ELMalvaney: 1 point
Lynn Catlette Madden: 1 point

Just because you did not participate yesterday, is no reason not to today. There are plenty of posts ahead to make up points and catch the leaders. Read the contest Rules and remember to leave your answers in the comment section, not on Facebook or Twitter. Also note, in case it was not clear from the rules, that there are multiple places to be named per day, up to four, and that you can comment on them all day, until the next day’s first post.

Yesterday’s posts were softballs. Today and for the rest of the competition, I am going to mix in some fastballs and curveballs.

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  1. Drugstore across from Baptist Hospital, either burned or demolished (sorry quickie post from iPad)


    • I am going to have to think about whether you get the two points, because it is the drug store across from Baptist Hospital. But technically, there are several Baptist Hospitals in Mississippi (Oxford and Columbus come to mind), not just the big one in Jackson.


    • I am making a generous executive decision that you and Suzassippi get two points each, despite the fact that neither of you followed the rules because neither of you said that it was in Jackson. I will not do that again, so name the town next time or do not get the points.


  2. Patterson-Bradford Rexall on North State Street: Modernist design, 1950, NW Overstreet and Robert K Overstreet; Demolished 2012.


  3. 1960s ; jackson; vaguely international style


  4. Kelly Patterson was president of four Jackson drug stores; reported the new building would “represent the culmination of a dream he had in 1940 when he purchased the lot.” It was a ‘drive-in” store, and was 50% glass, with a circular stairway, covered with plastic. The building plans included three floors including a basement. Were those planned features in the completed building?


  5. G. E. Bass was awarded the general construction contract, G. L. Brown plumbing and heating, and Westmorland Electric did wiring…and get this: “the entire structure will be air-conditioned and serviced by an elevator”!


  6. friends–what is the rest of the world doing while we play this quiz? probably nothing productive! i feel like i can’t leave my laptop while i run some very necessary errands today! and, nice to know that we have such smart folks in our group. (it’s fun to note the times at which our submissions are submitted–some, at the same minute! ha!


  7. From Buzz, a lot of good answers, and technical info, when they they started building the chain drugstores it killed local people.


  8. okay–not quite on my errands yet— yes, i agree completely with buzz–my father was an ‘independent pharmacist’ in hattiesburg, with a small store (which he and my mother designed in a ‘modernistic’ style), and the chains as well as the pharmacies in hospitals killed his business— he ended up working successively for several of the chains….


  9. It always seemed a bit Goffic to me. (Sorry..had to do it.)

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  10. The Patterson-Rexall drug store was published as a three-page spread in the October 1952 Architectural Record. Still not enough to save it–Baptist Hospital demolished it as quickly as they could once they heard people were interested in saving it, and now we have a half-block of mown weeds instead.

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