Name This Place 11.4.1

Once again yesterday, I failed to stump you eagle-eyed MissPresers, although I came close on the last post of the day, Abraham Lincoln School in Leland, which took Suzassippi an hour and a half to identify. Competition was hot and heavy throughout the day, and here are the standings as of this morning.

Victoria Moon Conway: 9
Suzassippi: 8
Tom Barnes: 4
crpiii: 3
Jack Elliott: 2
Carunzel: 2
sec040121: 1

Today there will be two posts, and tomorrow will have three, so stay tuned–you never know who will jump in and grab points–maybe you?


Read The Rules, and be the first to Name This Place.

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  1. Tupelo, used to be next door to the Spain House? Now, it’s next door to an empty lot.


  2. Tupelo one-hour martinizing dry cleaners store.


  3. These are among the older signs, and the national firm was introduced in 1949.


    • This was more than I knew, so I’m glad you found it. I just took aid true because it’s too cool a sign not to.


      • Well in that case…it was named for Henry Martin, the chemist who discovered a non-flammable method of dry cleaning so you could do it on site, rather than taking it to a remote location to be cleaned with flammable fluids that might cause fires and that is not a good thing where your customers are (although apparently okay where the laborers are). It sped up the dry cleaning process, and thus “one-hour martinizing” was born. I could not find anything specific about the building however.

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  4. Tupelo on Main St. at Madison St. Yeah, I know, several days late! LOL. Spain House in background. The house has been moved to Mill Village (aka Mill Town) near the Tupelo Cotton Mills factory building!


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