Name This Place 12.4.2

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  1. Issaquena County Court House


  2. you know, you walk out the door to take the garbage, and, bang, you miss an image. wouldn’t have guessed it anyway, but, if the greek revival building in the midground is what you are focusing on, it looks 1850s and very domestic to me—- is that an academy building in the background? hard to see it–guess i will have to do some research—oh, could the ‘courthouse’ have been a former plantation house, if issaquena county was formed after the civil war?


  3. am getting fast at research—- since mayersville didn’t become the county seat til 1871, i think my ‘guess’ that the courthouse was a former plantation house isn’t out of line. just read that this county had the highest percentage of enslaved people in the u.s. before the civil war; one of the largest ‘owners’ was dr stephen duncan, of natchez(‘auburn)— an 1848 date isn’t out of line—


  4. Pastor of Mayersville Methodist Episcopal Church South (not pictured) in in mid-1030s was Floyd Osmond Lewis, his first appointment in the Conference. He was proud that he held a revival and tripled the membership of the church, 4 to 12.


    • Thank you for that information. It does not qualify for a point, because it is not about the Issaquena County Courthouse, but it is still interesting and good to know.

      If you provide some information related to the Courthouse, you will receive a point.


  5. 1930s cars between the buildings.


  6. The replacement Issaquena County courthouse was built the same year this structure came down, 1958. Issaquena County was established in 1844, so I wonder what what was done prior to the construction of this building, if its construction date is 1848. My initial thought about the building is that it does look like a plantation office or a billiards hall.


  7. I have been informed by Princella Nowell that the brick building on the right is the county jail and that this was built as the courthouse in or about 1871 when Issaquena County was established. She also sent a couple additional photos of the courthouse, but don’t know if it’s possible to upload them to this site. At any rate here’s one that is online that can be reached at this url:


    • Jack, too bad you did not submit this yesterday for a point. I was rather surprised at how little people submitted for this Courthouse. The brick building in the rear was the old Issaquena County Jail. The date has been given for the Courthouse’s construction is generally either 1848 or 1871. Mayersville was established/purchased by David Mayer in 1871, but the site was previously Gibson’s Landing. What would likely determine when it was constructed is the David Mayer account book at the MDAH: If he gave either land or a building to Issaquena County for the courthouse, it would probably be in there.


  8. Correction from Princella: Issaquena County was established in 1844, while its current county seat Mayersville was established in 1871.


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