Name This Place 6.2.1

In yesterday’s first post, Susan Allen became our first leader by correctly identifying the Quitman County Courthouse in Marks. W. White also got a point on that first post and then grabbed two more by identifying the Rocky Springs Methodist… Read More ›

Name This Place 6.1.1

If you’re just joining us, you’ve picked a great time. We’re at the very start of our 6th Annual Name This Place contest, wherein MissPres readers battle for the much-coveted title of Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire. At the end of the… Read More ›

Name This Place 5.45

Is it possible to have two bonus rounds in one Name This Place contest? Yes it is. Be the first to name the building in this snowy pictures and you get one point.

Name This Place 5.4

After three days and a bonus round, Belinda is still hanging on to the lead in this week’s Name This Place contest. Yesterday, I thought I would celebrate my birthday by stumping everyone in the bonus round with an old… Read More ›

Name This Place 5.3

Well, folks, after two days and one bonus round, we’ve got a nail-biter going in this week’s Name This Place contest. Here’s how it stands now. Belinda: 3 points W. White: 2 points J.R. Gordon: 2 points Tom Barnes: 1… Read More ›

Name This Place 5.25

Well, it’s mid-week in our latest Name This Place contest, and it seems to me we could use a bonus round. In bonus rounds, there’s just one point for someone to grab–name the place and you get it. No extra… Read More ›

Name This Place 5.2

Belinda grabbed the early lead in the first day of the fifth annual Name This Place contest yesterday by being the first to identify the masonic lodge in Fayette. W. White and Tom Barnes also took a point each by… Read More ›

Name This Place 5.1

Be the first winner in this week’s Name This Place contest. Read the rules, guess the place correctly and give us some information about it. It’s that simple!

Jackson Details 2

Well, it’s been a while since our fabulously successful Jackson Details mini-contest, where MissPresers showed off their intimate knowledge of downtown Jackson and its architectural details. So, since it’s Spring (finally) (I think) and y’all would probably rather be outside… Read More ›

Name This Place 4.4

We’re down to the nitty gritty on this our fourth day of Name This Place, an exciting contest of skill, knowledge, and ability to google. I’m not even going to attempt to recount yesterday’s events–you can read the plethora of… Read More ›

Name This Place 4.3

Ok, mid-week in our little contest of architectural and historical knowledge, W. White has held on to an early lead, but the field is still close–it’s anybody’s game right now. W. White grabbed the lead on Monday by correctly identifying… Read More ›

Name This Place 4.2

Well, folks, we have a contest going on here. In yesterday’s action, W. White jumped out to an early lead by correctly identifying the Prentiss County Courthouse in Booneville and also mentioned that it has recently been renovated by Belinda… Read More ›

Name This Place 4.1

Previous Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaires: Name This Place 1: tsj1957 Name This Place 2: doakley Name This Place 3: Carunzel These are the names that will live on through the ages as the shining lights of the MissPres universe. Your name… Read More ›