Name This Place 6.2.1

In yesterday’s first post, Susan Allen became our first leader by correctly identifying the Quitman County Courthouse in Marks. W. White also got a point on that first post and then grabbed two more by identifying the Rocky Springs Methodist Church in the second post.

If you’re just joining us, jump right in, there’s still time to make up points. Read The Rules, and be the first to Name This Place.

**Remember that up to three pictures may be posted each day, with possible posting times at 7:00, 9:00, and 11:00 AM.

Current Standings

W. White: 3 points
Susan Allen: 2 points
Belinda: 2 point
Tom Barnes: 1 point
Jack Elliot: 1 point

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6 replies

  1. The Spain House in Tupelo.


    • It was constructed in 1910 and survived the 1936 Tupelo tornado which wiped out much of downtown Tupelo. Calvary Baptist Church has been trying to demolish the house, located at the corner of W. Main and Church, for 15 months but has been valiantly resisted by the Tupelo Historic Preservation Commission. The architect is anyone’s guess, but it is probably based off a pattern book.


  2. The early bird gets the worm–good snag, W!

    **Not implying that you are a bird or that you eat worms, but not judgmental if you do, of course.


  3. currently owned by Calvary Baptist Church – who, unfortunately, would rather have an empty lot…


  4. While we all refer to it as “The Spain House” it is also called the R.L. Pound House. Mr. & Mrs. Pound, who owned a jewelry store in Tupelo, built the house (a Queen Anne style) as their primary residence. Later, the Spain family purchased the house. They ran a funeral home on the first floor and lived on the second.


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