Name This Place 5–Final Standings

We have our first tie ever in this week’s Name This Place contest. Belinda took the early lead and held it all the way until today, but laconic Theodore, who usually lurks around making snide remarks and pretending not to care about points, surged in the last two days to grab the first place spot along with Belinda. See what greatness you can achieve, Theodore, if only you apply yourself?

We had a few new participants this week too, which always makes things more interesting and hopefully next time they’ll make a run for the big prize. Until then, we’ll have two MissPres Preservationist Extraordinaires–let’s all hope they don’t get into one of those messy power struggles that can only end in tragedy.

Here’s how it all worked out:

Belinda: 6 points
Theodore: 6 points
J.R. Gordon: 5 points
W. White: 4 points
Tom Barnes: 2 points
Susan Allen: 1 point
Levi Weeks: 1 point

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