Name That Place 4.45–Bonus Round

Identify this historic place and you win an extra point in this week’s Name This Place. One person, one point only in this round. The only person who gets a point is the one who correctly identifies it, along with its location. You can click on the photo to make it larger.

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  1. Bookhaven Elementary School, Brookhaven.


  2. Brookhaven Elem. in Lincoln County


  3. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Did it send me to spam again?


  4. I know it won’t count for any points, but I am going to guess that N. W. Overstreet designed Brookhaven Elementary; the massing of Brookhaven seems similar to Bailey, although they are very different structures.


  5. For some reason I was thinking R.W. Naef, he of “smutty buff brick” and kind face, but now that I come to put my hands on that information, I can’t find it. I do know Naef did the 1937 Brookhaven High School, so possibly also did this 1941 beauty. I’m going to have to track that down now, because I know at some point I took a picture of the plaque inside this building.

    You’re right that it’s the same shape as Bailey, with the auditorium projecting at the far end, but I believe the auditorium was added around 1950.


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