As of today, I’m unilaterally and without UN sanction declaring myself the winner of the Jackson Details mini-contest, which has been out on the World Wide Web for over two weeks now. Out of the five detail photos from downtown… Read More ›

Jackson Details

I realize that most of my loyal readers will be busy with other things the rest of this week, including making food, eating food, wrapping gifts, unwrapping gifts, eating food, and hopefully spending a few quiet moments of fellowship around… Read More ›

Name That Place 3.5

My goal in the Name That Place contest is always to stump everyone completely, but as usual I have failed this week to stump our expert architecture lovers out there. Congratulations for making me a failure and contributing to my… Read More ›

Name That Place 3.45

Here’s an opportunity for a bonus point for whoever can name this building and its location. No extra points for those who come in afterward. I offer this bonus purely out of the goodness that overflows my kind heart.

Name That Place 3.3

Alright, yesterday’s place was easier than I thought, and we’re still left with a four-way tie. Today, we’ll see who’s been paying special attention to MissPres lately. Possibly this one is too easy. The current standings are: doakley: 2 point Theodore: 2… Read More ›

Name That Place 3.2

Ok, after yesterday’s snafu, I’ve tossed and turned all night trying to decide what to do about points, and after consulting with my dog, I’ve finally decided to just give both doakley and Theodore a point. HOWEVER, from now on,… Read More ›

July09 Name This Place #3

To play this exciting week-long game, see The Rules. Daily Winners: Monday: Joseph A Tuesday: doakley Current Standings: Joseph A: 2 points doakley: 2 points Carunzel: 2 points tsj1957: 1 point Theodore: 1 point

July09 Name This Place #2

To play this exciting week-long game, see The Rules. Congratulations to Joseph A for grabbing the first points yesterday. Today we’ll go to a different part of the state and a different era. Current Standings: Joseph A: 2 points tsj1957:… Read More ›

NHL Photography Contest

The National Park Service has recently announced its second annual Imaging our National Heritage NHL Photo Contest.  Photos of National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) should be submitted to the Park Service by September 4, 2009. A first and second place winner… Read More ›

A Virtual Trip To Exotic Locales

Oh, did I not mention that the winner of last week’s Name This Place contest would win a virtual trip? Whoopsie! Well, it shouldn’t really matter, right? After all, I recently was told by a person with some authority in Mississippi’s preservation world (not because… Read More ›

Name This Place #5

To play this exciting game, see The Rules. Today is the final contest in this series. Today, a winner will emerge (I hope)! Current Standings: tsj1957: 6 points Carunzel: 4 points doakley: 2 points Everyone Else: Total Losers Hint: This… Read More ›

Name This Place #4

To play this exciting game, see The Rules. We got ourselves a competition going! Current Standings: Carunzel: 4 tsj1957: 4 doakley: 2 Everyone Else: 0 (still time to catch up!) Hint: This building is in the Delta. Note: I’m going… Read More ›

Name This Place #3

To play this exciting game, see The Rules. Current Standings:  Carunzel: 3 tsj1957: 2 doakley: 1 Everyone Else: 0 (still plenty of time to catch up!) Hint: This place has never appeared in Preservation in Mississippi or on my Flickr… Read More ›

Name This Place #2

To play this exciting game, see The Rules. The Standings So Far:   tsj1957:  2 points, Carunzel: 1 point, Everyone Else: 0 points Hint: This building is from a completely different century than yesterday’s building.