Name This Place 6.3.2

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  1. former Hotel in downtown Cleveland.


  2. Grover Hotel. great building — right in the middle of downtown — a little over a block away from the historic Ellis Theater.


  3. I think they did some work recently to the Grover Hotel. There was a picture in the Bolivar Commercial a few weeks ago of workers working on a ground level window. I didn’t recognize the building because they showed a fanlight-type doorway. Either the Commercial got the caption wrong or the doorway was unfortunately removed.


    • Also, the Grover Hotel was constructed in 1926. It is five-stories and 20,000 sq. ft. The City of Cleveland purchased the hotel in 1996 for $35,000 and spent the next four years removing asbestos and replacing the roof to a tune of $20,000 worth of work.


    • I will add some more information for the MissPres community. At some point around 2004-05, developer Raymond Huerta purchased the Grover. He sold the hotel in 2009 to Cleveland Alderman Billy Nowell, who’s “Future plans” according to the Cleveland News Leader, “include the restoration of the Grover Hotel into Class A commercial space combined with mixed-use type living spaces, all in the same building.”


  4. Nowell is also developing Turntable Place- apartments etc.. Good to see that this one won’t be sliding into oblivion!


  5. I sure hope the latest plans work out–downtown Cleveland has so much potential, just a few blocks from Delta State. The Grover could be the King Edward project that gives downtown that one last boost it needs.


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