Name This Place 6.1.2

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  1. Rocky Springs United Methodist Church, constructed in 1837 and used constantly until it closing in April due to low attendance.


  2. Correct, incorrect, correct–two points for W!


    • I’ll just throw information out there and see what sticks.

      It is unfortunate that this church building’s existance is every bit as tenuous today as it was when Gen. Grant’s 40,000 troops camped nearby in 1863.


  3. This great little church is also accessable from a walking trail from the Rocky Springs historic site/stop on the Natchez Trace Parkway.


    • Which is where I took this picture, thinking I was about to walk up to the church, when my aunts decided they had seen enough of Rocky Springs and it was time to get on to Natchez. So, around we all turned and headed to Natchez. :-)


  4. The original belfry was removed in 1901. I’ll leave it to others to explain why.


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