Name This Place 6.4.1

Ok, yesterday I thought I’d throw a little slow pitch on the first post (Rosalie) to get everyone complacent and then whip a couple of blistering fast balls past in the next two posts (Grover Hotel, Runnelstown Gymnasium). But you MissPresers once again got the better of me and easily knocked all three out of the park.

That’s all the baseball metaphors I can think of today.

Here’s the standings, as best I can tell. W. White is clearly pulling away from the field, but it is still statistically possible that Belinda or even J.R. Gordon could catch up to him. To do that–and I’m not encouraging this at all–Belinda might need to arrange some sort of “accident” that would keep W. White from a computer for the next couple days–nothing major of course, maybe just a banana peel carefully placed on the sidewalk . . .

W. White: 12 points
Belinda: 5 points
J.R. Gordon: 4 points
Tom Barnes: 2 points
Susan Allen: 2 points
Jack Elliott: 1 point

I’ve included two pictures of the same place because, as you can see from the shadow, someone long ago put a tree right where I would like it not to be, so I can’t take a picture straight-on.

And remember, MissPres does not condone violence of any sort, regardless of what we may have previously said.

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  1. A school in Mississippi – designed by Overstreet — ? — beautiful!


  2. Good eye, Belinda, as always. Hmm, but which school? . . . perhaps one that has slipped past everyone’s radar.


  3. I love the sound of crickets in the morning :-)


  4. It’s the Shaw School, way up in the Delta. It is one of the best maintained schools I have ever been in. Right down to the old class pictures lining the walls.

    At least, now I can say I got one (I hope). It’s been embarrassing for a past Preservationist Extraordinaire to drop the ball this week. I amazed at how much you all have seen across this state.


  5. It is specifically Shaw High School in Shaw, Bolivar County, MS. It is not designated a Mississippi Landmark but obviously should be. It was designed by N. W. Overstreet; it has that Overstreet look about it.


    • In case you think I am guessing Overstreet just to get a point, it does have similarities to another Overstreet work, the Alcorn County Courthouse in Corinth. The way the pilasters are placed between the windows plus the projecting center section are shared by both buildings. The overhanging, bracketed eve reappears in the Central Delta Academy.


    • But you’re still guessing, right? :-)

      Yes, you and Belinda are both right in your educated guesses–it’s an early N.W. Overstreet building, constructed in 1923.


    • And yes, it should definitely be listed on the National Register and designated as a Mississippi Landmark. It’s weird that it’s kind of tucked away and no one has noticed.


  6. What’s even weirder (more weird?) is that the school district continues to use and maintain it as a school! Don’t see that everyday.


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