Name This Place 5.45

Is it possible to have two bonus rounds in one Name This Place contest? Yes it is. Be the first to name the building in this snowy pictures and you get one point.

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  1. The Amite County Courthouse in Liberty.


  2. There is no cupola on the roof in this picture–was that added later, or removed at some point?


  3. This courthouse has a wonderful original judges’ bench — similar to the one in the Carroll County Courthouse in Carrollton.


  4. Looks like it was added, as current pictures show it with, and earlier (b&w) photos show it without.


    • That’s a good catch to notice the cupola missing. Doing a little digging, I found that the cupola appears in a late-nineteenth-century photograph, but had been removed by the time this photo was taken, possibly in the same 1930s WPA-remodeling that added the porches and the wings.


  5. The state’s oldest courthouse, built 1839-41. It replaced the original 1812 building, was built primarily with slave labor (what a surprise) and cost approximately $4,000.


  6. Was painted a particularly dismal shade of gray at one point. I hope it has been repainted recently.


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