Name This Place 5.5–Finis

It’s been an exciting week on MissPres, as readers wait with baited breath to see what picture will pop up for identification. Belinda took the lead on the first day and has managed to hold on, but just by one point. In second place, we have a three-way tie, all waiting to jump in front with a two-pointer. If one of the second-place holders gets two points today, Belinda could still tie for first with some extra information about the place. If Belinda gets both points, then she’ll be the winner.

This is how everyone stands after four days and two bonus rounds (did you miss today’s bonus round? you never know when they’ll jump out at you):

Belinda: 5 points
W. White: 4 points
Theodore: 4 points
J.R. Gordon: 4 points
Tom Barnes: 1 point
Susan Allen: 1 point
Levi Weeks: 1 point

Who will win the coveted title? Depends on who can name this place.

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  1. Somewhere on the Gulf Coast.


  2. Bellevue, also known as the Longfellow House. Pascagoula. Built 1850. Used as a hotel, which is how it was being used in the photograph. National Register listed, but not a Mississippi Landmark


  3. Bellevue-Longfellow House in Pascagoula


  4. It’s gets part of it’s name from a pervasive legend that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was once a guest at the Bellevue Plantation aka Longfellow House and while there he penned “The Building of a Ship”. Pascagoula has other ties to literary history as well, William Faulkner who is believed to have written “Mosquitoes” while summering there.


  5. The Longfellow House was an early member of the Master Hosts organization, at the time a fairly prestigious outfit which had other members like the Broadwater and the Hotel Bentley.


  6. The rehabilitation of this house received a MHT Heritage Award for Excellence in 1999.


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